a bold new way to trust YOUR body

What would your life look like if you were free to enjoy your body in the here & now? Stop waiting on weight, and explore the possibilities of a body love lifestyle!

your body, your life

Your food fears and body hate are preventing you from feeling joyful or inspired.
How can you love your life if you constantly doubt yourself?

Stop Surviving.

Because when you’re busy focusing on your shape you can’t shape the world.  It’s time to step up and be bold, because you are capable of so much more than being looked at.

Start Thriving.

We understand how lonely it is to unlearn diet culture and how important it is to get the support YOU need so that you can show up more authentically in your NOW body.

And Build Trust!

Maybe you’ve heard about Intuitive Eating or Health at Every Size, but you’re not sure how to implement it into your life…  Trusting your body is possible!  Shift your paradigms, live in alignment with your values, and rediscover for yourself what it means to be joyfully inspired!  

We know...

Nothing lights us up more than teaching people how to express emotions, enjoy eating, and appreciate their body. Maybe you don’t like the way you look, but you are still worthy and deserving of respect!  There is no good body, bad body. Your soul purpose is not to lose weight, or be healthy. We’ve learned this to be true for ourselves, and we would love to support you in accepting yourself.

Overwhelmed with all the shoulds?​

  • You should simply cry less and smile more
  • You should only purchase organic produce, make homemade bone broth, and stop eating so much sugar
  • You should always know what your next step is going to be or at least start running five miles every day

Your body is a gift; it always has been and always will be. What would be possible if you started seeing it as a friend, not an enemy?

Joy is possible

“Take a chance on yourself because YOU are worth it.”

Our philosophy

We believe it is our birthright to reflect the goodness found within everybody so ALL bodies can bloom bright! This is one of the reasons we’ve chosen the sunflower as our mascot and we encourage everyone to follow the light. 

Each of us have had our fair share of pain, frustration, and doubts — we know what it’s like to struggle with body acceptance.  You’re not alone.  It is possible to trust and love yourself again! Reach out for support; let us know how we can help you experience more food freedom and joyful movement in the body God gave you.  

live your life, inspire your joy