We believe it is our birthright to reflect the goodness found within everybody so all bodies can bloom bright! This is one of the reasons we’ve chosen the sunflower as our mascot and we encourage everyone to follow the light. And nothing lights us up more than planting seeds of truth and witnessing others harvest their potential.

Maybe you don’t like the way you look, but you are capable of so much more than being looked at!  There is no good body, bad body. Your soul purpose is not to lose weight, or be healthy. We’ve learned this to be true for ourselves, and we would love to support you in accepting yourself.

Jana Dudley is an Emotional Awareness Coach and Paradigm Expert. She helps her clients discover the thoughts and feelings inside and create a pathway to peace and living with intention. Jana has been called the “Heart Whisperer” and loves to see people connect to themselves and others in deeply meaningful ways. Jana loves living life with her husband and 3 kids and sees the teenage stage of her kids’ lives as the best one yet. She is passionate about helping others experience satisfaction and harmony in their relationships.

email: jana@joyfullyinspiredlife.com

Beth Summers helps discouraged eaters develop self-awareness and self-compassion by implementing self-care food practices. A huge proponent of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size, it is her belief that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves and our food can facilitate that power, on every level.  As an Experiential Foodie and a full-time mother herself, Beth encourages parents to model a peaceful relationship with food for the sake of their children and teaches health-conscious mompreneurs how to enjoy food again free from fear or shame.

email: beth@joyfullyinspiredlife.com


Jenifer Hall is a movement igniter! She believes in leveraging your time and energy to create massive movement in your life by implementing simple but profound changes. She believes that a little sunshine, intuitive movement and eating, and shifting your thoughts will change your entire world! Jenifer will teach you to see new choices that you didn’t even know existed, opening your life up to new and exciting opportunities and growth!

email: jenifer@joyfullyinspiredlife.com

live your life, inspire your joy