Anchoring Willpower in Flexibility

You might think that willpower and flexibility are opposites, but I’m here to tell you that they are the best of companions. Using these two together creates exponentially more power toward reaching your goals!

Let me give you an example from my own life:

As a mom of 4 kids, I am always looking for ways to help teach my kids to keep the house clean and organized. I haven’t had much luck with this in the past. I would hear a mom talk about her perfectly organized home and she would post photos of her spreadsheets and personalized command station, complete with bins and hooks and calendars for each child. I would daydream about what it would be like to have that kind of household flow.

I tried.

I created bins for my kids, spaces for school supplies, got a big calendar to write all the appointments on, and labeled notebooks and folders with my kids’ names, made special bins for each child to put their homework in. . .

and it didn’t work.

I failed.

The homework piled up outside the bins. the pencils ended up in every room of the house. backpacks never hung themselves up on those cute little hooks. shoes and socks were everywhere but in the shoe bins, I was yelling at my kids constantly to keep MY level of order, and my organization quickly melted into disorganization and chaos, and I was angry.

So I was faced with a choice. Do I just give up on the dream of having an organized home? Or do I dig my heels in and MAKE IT HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT, EVEN IF I LOSE MY SANITY IN THE PROCESS!!!!!!!!


Why do we always seem to work in extremes? It doesn’t have to be so black and white! What if there was another option that didn’t include giving up or driving myself to crazy-town, along with my family?

This is what we are talking about in the workshop on Willpower and Flexibility. How can we really anchor our goals and avoid giving up or burning out by using flexibility as a tool?

Do you want to know the end of my story about organization? There is no end. That’s the best part! It is a continuous transformation. I get to choose to be flexible and anchor myself and my kids in values so that we can find what really works for us, and allow for change when change needs to happen. I let go of the unrealistic expectations I had been holding myself and my children, and allow myself to show up imperfectly!! Do you know how good it feels to just allow myself to be imperfect? It is liberating!

This month, I created a new chore chart for the kids that was as simple and easy as possible. I also made up easy-to-use lists of what needs to be done for each chore so that they know exactly what is expected of them. I anchored the chore system in the values of Ease, Effectiveness, and Teaching. So far everything is working very well, and I am willing to make adjustments as needed as we navigate the new territory with flexibility. Also, I learned that watching how-to videos about cleaning can be super motivating! I especially love Clean My Space videos. If you need some cleaning and organization motivation, check it out!

Do you want to stress less and accomplish even more as you reach toward your goals? Learn how to combine Willpower with Flexibility in this month’s workshop! It will shift your perspective and you will never see willpower the same again! You will learn about positive and negative willpower and how to make your force way more effective. Learn to work with yourself instead of against yourself.

You can just keep yourself from drowning, or you can learn how to swim. It’s all in the way you interact with the water.

Learn to flow.

If you aren’t quite ready to join us yet, check out the free course so you can get to know us and our message better.

Also, here is a cute printable for you to hang up in your house to remind you to stay rooted in what’s really important. Stay rooted in values and act from your heart!

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