How can I be happy when I’m overwhelmed?

Whenever we feel overwhelmed we potentially find ourselves slipping into resentment.

It can be easy to let resentments around commitments steal the joy from your day, or life. We are responsible for our own feelings of resentment, not someone else.  How often do you allow feelings of frustration to bubble up, without blaming yourself or others?  See if you can identify the coping skills you have developed to help process through those overwhelming emotions and whether or not they are serving your highest good.

The good news is we can discover that we have choices! As we focus on what we want we can make choices to have that experience. Whether that means rocking the boat and saying something, or choosing into peace as we own the choice to go along with someone else’s plan. Your life, your choice.

As we examine the why behind what we are doing we can own our resentments and overwhelm, thereby making space for an experience that we really do want.  Chances are if you’re frustrated, something important is missing from your life and that absence can be overwhelming.  But when you do acknowledge the good that you do have, do you also give yourself permission to be overwhelmed by other feelings such as joy, peace, or gratitude?

Just for today, find ways to be present with your responsibilities and the feelings they create.  Get curious with what values you’re able to experience in choosing these commitments, or in choosing to delegate, defer, and deny in an effort to experience something different.

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