Made in Her Image: The Divine Feminine



This workshop was created because Beth and Melisa frequently hear women say…

… “I’m worried my body isn’t good enough for my partner”
… “I just want to have body confidence and eat foods that make me feel good”
… “I’m afraid something is wrong with me because I want too much” (food/sex/pleasure, etc.)
… “I doubt my desires all the time”
… “I’ve bridled my passions for so long that I don’t even know what I am passionate about anymore”
… “I don’t know how to have a harmonious relationship with food and my body”
… “How do I trust my intuition, especially with sex and food?”

We want women everywhere to experience:

>>> Trust, the freedom from second-guessing yourself all the time
>>> Permission to embody pleasure and sensuality as part of your womanhood
>>> Understanding and validating your desires
>>> Inspired to take up the space with your body and how you show up in your relationships
>>> Encouraged to stop pretending and just be YOU because it is enough
>>> Empowered in your relationship with Self and Source

Enjoying food and appreciating your body is your birthright! Purchase the recorded workshop so you can transcend patterns of disconnection and reconnect to your Self & your Heavenly Mother:


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We help women learn how to develop an inspired relationship with emotion, food, and movement so they can have a joyful life without feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Made in Her Image Workshop