Explore Emotional Eating with Kundalini Yoga

My yoga practice helped me experience health, happiness, and holiness with food. I know peaceful eating is possible for all eaters!

What does the start of the new year and the beginning of every yoga class have in common? AN INTENTION

Whether I showed up as a student, or a teacher, each time we would take a moment to come up with an intention for our practice.  And even though our mats won’t be sharing a studio floor, we can still set an intention for how we want to show up in this space. As we explore emotional eating together, get curious!  What does an ideal relationship with your food and body look like?  Is there a word, value, or intention that YOU feel called to create? Let’s see how we can honor our emotions while also aligning our food choices and eating habits with our intentions.

Experience at-one-ment with your food & body

  • all bodies, all levels, welcome
  • Kriya-free Kundalini Yoga sessions
  • make friends with food – bring something to eat AND meditate with
  • share your thoughts and feelings as you process your practice in a safe space
  • learn about experiential eating with selected readings from my book, True Food
  • Reiki infused guided meditations featuring Ramdesh Kaur

*Class is facilitated by Beth Summers. By purchasing the entire series below, you’ll have access to all the live recordings. If you wish to buy a single class for $15, please email Beth personally at beth@joyfullyinspiredlife.com

Explore Emotional Eating with Kundalini Yoga


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