The Knew You: Mindful Living Course

We believe that a joyful life in your NOW body is possible through developing inspired relationships with your emotions, food, and movement. Because when you experience peace with your body, mindful living comes naturally. Rather than defining your worth through your weight, rediscover your True Self. You don’t need a new body, you just need to get to know the one you already have.

  • A Firm Foundation: Learn why discomfort and curiosity are foundational to shifting your paradigms, living in alignment with your values, and rediscovering for yourself what it means to be joyfully inspired in your now body.
  • Build Mindful Habits: Are you tired of doing the same old things? See your habits in a new way that actually creates momentum and change!
  • Create Conscious Connection: Do you feel alone? Does it seem like people fail you?  Learn how to give, and receive, support.
  • Discover Your Inner Creator: You were born to create!  If you’re feeling stagnant or unmotivated, this is for you.  Join in exploring your creative superpowers.
  • Play the Comparison Game: Stuck in the comparison game?  Not skinny enough, cute enough, smart enough or just plain not good enough?  Find out how to live YOUR best life now.
  • Choose Into Freedom: Weighed down with all the things you should do, or be?  In this module, we get intentional with our choices so we can experience the freedom this life has to offer.
  • Embrace Imperfection: All aboard the Hot Mess Express! What does being organized mean to you? How does disorder show up for you, and what would be possible if you could create structure in your life? Give yourself permission to be perfectly imperfect as you strive for personal development.

Our online life coaching is not only affordable but also accessible, while addressing relevant and revolutionary topics to help you grow — cultivate food freedom and body acceptance within the walls of your own home!

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Body Peace Academy


A Firm Foundation

Building Mindful Habits: Create Momentum & Change

Creating Conscious Connection: Give & Get Support

Discovering Your Inner Creator: Be Creative by Being You

Playing the Comparison Game: Quit the Competition

Choosing Into Freedom: Stop Shoulding Yourself

Embracing Imperfection: All Aboard the Hot Mess Express