What if I’m not hungry?

Overeating doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an emotional eater.

On the flip side, under eating isn’t something we typically think about when it comes to emotional eating but it is. Under eating is celebrated and promoted in our wellness culture, when in reality it’s a sign that we may be emotionally unwell.

Food apathy, or lack of hunger, is something every eater needs to be aware of. As moms, we might be hypersensitive about making sure our kids get an appropriate amount of food but do we give ourselves permission to pack our own diaper bag?

“But I’m not hungry! Nothing sounds good.”

That’s because you’re past hunger.

Your hunger cues are just as valid as your littles’ and if you keep ignoring them they’ll eventually disappear. Either you won’t notice when you are physically hungry or your desire for eating will diminish.

Physically, you might feel lethargic or sick to your stomach. Emotionally, you could experience extreme emotions such as feeling angry or apathetic.

If it’s been more than a few hours, chances are you might need to eat (especially if you’re recovery from disorder eating or an eating disorder). Our society has vilified emotional eating to the point that people are afraid to eat. If you find yourself justifying under-eating out of fear of overeating, just eat! Remember, eating something is better than nothing.

Whether your hunger cues are physical or emotional in nature, it doesn’t really matter. Your body still needs consistent nourishment, so please feed it.

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