Emotional Overwhelm – What can I do about it?

We all have felt it at one point or another, the overwhelm of feeling like life is just too much.  It can manifest as anxiety, pressure on your chest, or any number of ways that might be individual to you.  The question is, what can you do about it?

The first step in beginning to deal with this is to first give yourself a huge dose of empathy.  The majority of people, including you, deal with a heavy load in life. We are all managing careers, bills, relationships and and many other things.  The pressures that come with living life can be huge contributing factors to overwhelm.  So start with some empathy and love for yourself that you are getting up each day and dealing with life in general. 

The second thing when it comes to emotional overwhelm  is to figure out what absolutely needs to be done today and what does not.  For example it is pretty essential that I drive my kids to school each day but it is not really essential that I make sure my kitchen floor gets mopped.   After this list is made I take a little time to figure out what my heart is really  needing.  Am I needed some open time?  Am needing some support or safety?  What we are needing can be all sorts of things.  The reason why this step is important is because emotional overwhelm can also stem from unmet self care needs.

Once you are more in touch with the need you have you can look around to find opportunities that you can create that for yourself.  Sometimes others will help us but sometimes we get to find ways to do this for ourselves, which is truly empowering.  So step into managing your overwhelm and give yourself a huge pat on the back for all the ways you are showing up in the world.

Remember, we don’t need to be everything and it is okay to stop and get some emotional footing before we pick up and keep going!

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