Have you ever gone to bed hungry?

…and while admittedly you may have felt physically uncomfortable, emotionally you felt relieved or even elated? Like you believed feeling hungry was a good thing?

I know I have. I also know a relative of mine who actually loves feeling hungry because it means they’re successful, sexy, stalwart, etc.

What does hunger mean to you?

Here’s the kicker: if you are regularly hungry at night, then you are probably not eating enough throughout the day.

“But Beth, I don’t struggle with under-eating! Overeating is my problem.”

Actually, overeating is a symptom of under-eating.

Read that again.

Whether you’re overeating because your body is fighting against being underfed and is desperately trying to make up for being so hungry for so long OR you eat too much because you’re afraid of feeling hungry — trusting your hunger cues AND eating consistently is important.

Food apathy is one of the main reasons why people unintentionally under-eat which is why it’s imperative to nourish your body regularly! And if that means eating more throughout the day and/or night, then so be it.

Love much,

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