How to meal plan and why you can’t

As a diet culture dropout, sometimes our food choices & eating habits can seem messy or disorganized.

We get lost, confused, and overwhelmed with “what’s for dinner?” And it can be tempting to turn to diets for structure…  Spoiler alert: you don’t need a diet to create order and you can still support yourself, or your children, as intuitive eaters!

But how do you meal plan without restricting (no calorie counting)?

We talked about this in depth in our latest exploration call, about the importance of identifying what YOU want to eat and what your nutritional non-negotiables are so you can gently nourish yourself through structured support.

Now let’s stop and think for a minute.  There are several apps, programs, websites and Pinterest boards that offer meal planning services and ideas.  Armed with this knowledge, how likely are you to actually plan your meals?  How interesting that meal prep continues to be a source of frustration and fear!  Why is that?

Maybe it seems like a huge waste of time, that there are plenty of other things you’d rather be doing.  Or perhaps you feel like no matter what you plan or cook for dinner, it goes unappreciated.  You may feel burnt out and stretched thin, naturally resenting adding more service to your already full plate.  What is your first thought when you decide to plan out your food?  Consider what meal planning means to you and see if you can shift your perception into something that serves you.

If you need help figuring out what foods you like, how to implement more structure in your meals, and understand why it’s often hard to “stick to the plan” then sign up for our free course to catch the replay of “Let’s Talk: Meal Planning” while it’s still available!

Just remember, biting off more than you can chew isn’t the only option.  Life is messy, but your relationship with food doesn’t have to be.

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