How to stop eating at night…

“Why do I keep eating at night?!”

Short answer: Because you’re not eating enough in the day.

Long answer: Your body needs consistent nourishment. If you are ignoring your hunger cues throughout the day, whether intentionally or accidentally, it is only natural to be slammed with insatiable hunger once you’ve slowed down enough to listen to what your body has been trying to communicate to you all day. This is a good thing! It means our bodies are wise and know how to care for themselves.

Instead of going to bed earlier, give yourself permission to eat later.

Your body doesn’t have a closing time, and all those rules of “don’t eat after six” are not only silly but also harmful. The truth is that you NEED to eat every 2-4 hours. It’s not that you just *want* to eat at night (even though there’s nothing wrong with wanting) or that you have no willpower, it’s that your body neeeeeds to be fed.

So if your last meal was at 6pm and you find yourself hungry at 10pm, congratulations — your body is working! Please don’t go to bed hungry, just eat a snack between dinner and bed time.

The other thing to consider is asking yourself if you’ve eaten enough throughout the day. But we’ll talk about that another time…

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