Mindful Eating Mentorship with Beth Summers

Learning about Intuitive Eating vs living it is different.  It’s personal. It’s nuanced. It’s between YOU and YOUR body.  If you’ve read the books and streamed the podcasts and followed the influencers and continue to feel stuck implementing what you’ve learned, then it’s time to start integrating.

Unlearning diet culture is overwhelming, and lonely. You can agree with the principles behind Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size but still find yourself scared of doing it wrong, or doing it on your own.

Embodying an intuitive lifestyle can be confusing, especially when you continue to doubt your Self. If you’re not quite sure about what is holding you back from food freedom and body acceptance, where do you go and who do you talk to?

You’re not alone. And you’re not broken.

I want to support more eaters in finding the answers and community they’re craving, so I’ve created a 4-month mindful eating mentorship program to support sacred eaters just like you!

What’s included in the Mindful Eating Mentorship for Sacred Eaters?

  • monthly live group calls with Q&A and experiential eating activities from True Food: Shift from Disordered Dieting to Mindful Eating in 40 days — recordings available to those unable to make it
  • monthly 1:1 values-based intuitive life coaching
  • assigned accountability partners + private online community to help process while you’re (un)learning
  • a single Reiki session around YOUR specific blocks with food/body (optional)
  • in-between session support via Voxer or Marco Polo

You’ve learned a lot! And you’re doing great. Keep going.

If you’re ready to dig deeper and dive farther, join the 4-month mentorship where you’ll learn the following:

  • Four Types of Restriction: discover what’s limiting your peace with food—August 6th @ 8pm PDT (live group call)
  • Food Apathy: how to honor your health without becoming obsessed with it—September 3rd @ 8pm PDT (live group call)
  • Emotional Eating: what it is, what it isn’t, and how to validate your human experience—October 8th @ 8pm PDT (live group call)
  • Conversations with Cravings: when “what sounds good” isn’t an option—November 5th @ 8pm PDT (live group call)
  • Your Body, Your Choice: tapping into your Inner Wisdom (private coaching)
  • The Body-Mind-Spirit Connection: explore your emotions and trust your Intuitive Self (private coaching)
  • Good Food, Bad Food: why shoulding yourself won’t work (private coaching)
  • Tune Out Diet Culture & Tune Into Your Truth: aligning your food choices and eating habits with your values (private coaching)

Food is used to facilitate fear. It’s also used to facilitate faith, fun, and family. What will you choose?

You don’t have to be scared of eating. Enjoying food and appreciating your body is not only possible, it’s your birthright! It’s your sacred responsibility. The answers you’re looking for won’t be found in more rules, or research. Curiosity, and compassion, will sustain you in honoring the answers you already have within you.

Are you ready?

4-month Mindful Eating Mentorship for Sacred Eaters

6 payments

per month for 6 total payments

12 payments

per month for 12 total payments

Space is limited to six members in order to create an intimate and safe experience for everyone’s highest good. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Beth Summers at be.truebalance@gmail.com