Navigating the “Hot Mess Express”

This is a tough post for me to write because I am guilty of judging myself ALL THE TIME for being “a mess”.

Sometimes my house is messy, my clothes are messy, my food is messy, my schedule is messy, my parenting gets messy, my relationships are messy…

my life gets messy.

But I’m having a realization about myself that I am finally able to bring to the surface. Sometimes I am also a rigid, overly organized, over-planner.

I stop myself from doing a lot of things because I have to be 110% prepared for them before they can happen, so I spend too much time making lists and organizing.

Even the over-organization can make me think I’m on the “hot mess express”. It’s crazy-making!

This month in our program, we are teaching about finding balance, understanding, and self-compassion when we find ourselves being messy, or being overly organized.

We are embracing the messiness of life!!!

So bring out the messy hair buns, and change your perspective about your messy house, being a messy eater, and dealing with messy emotions.

When we can forgive ourselves and find some compassion in our messiness, it creates peace and flow in our life! Let’s explore messiness and organization together!

Once you start to examine what it means to be messy and organized, you will start to notice that you can be both messy and organized AT THE SAME TIME!

If you want to explore this idea, come experience it with us in the Joyfully Inspired Life membership! I can tell you that learning about how to allow myself to show up imperfectly has brought me greater self-forgiveness and self-love. I am giving myself to rock the messy mom hair, and find peace in doing my best with what I’ve got.

Love, Jenifer

Learn more about the “Navigating the Hot Mess Express” Workshop and sign up for the free course at

Print this month’s quote and hang it up in your home to remind you that it’s ok to be messy and organized at the same time.

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