Plan on being hungry

You won’t always be hungry, but you will always need to eat something.

Maybe you want to eat because you know that’s what your body needs. You may recognize physical signs of hunger, such as fatigue or stomach pains. But even when you know you’re hungry, it’s hard to eat when you don’t have an appetite and nothing sounds good.

Intuitive eating can be really frustrating when your body doesn’t tell you what it wants, but that’s normal AND you still need to eat something. Because when nothing sounds good it’s really easy in those moments to not eat anything.

It’s important to plan for food apathy, especially if you struggle with under eating. Always plan to eat something if you haven’t eaten anything.

In the past my food rules dictated what I could eat, to the point where I wouldn’t eat anything because I wasn’t allowed to eat junk food until eventually I was so starving that I’d end up eating everything until I didn’t feel well. Now that I have permission to eat all the foods, sometimes I still don’t want to eat but I know I need to. You don’t have to have a perfect mealplan to justify eating (or not eating). Just plan to eat something, because that is always better than eating nothing.

We talked about this in depth in our latest exploration call, about the importance of identifying what YOU want to eat and what your nutritional non-negotiables are so you can gently nourish yourself through structured support.

Intuitive eating is more than just eating what sounds good. It includes honoring your health through gentle nutrition, which can look like planning for when you’re hungry even if you aren’t.

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