Trick or treat, it’s time for sweets

Just popping in to remind you that candy is always an option. Not just on Halloween, but today, tomorrow, and every day.

Give your kids, and yourself, the freedom to celebrate. Have fun! Because the way you think/feel about food affects you on every level, and is often more toxic than the food itself. As you play with your food choices and eating habits, keep these few tips in mind…

Ask yourself why. Are you hungry? Bored? Tired? Lonely?

Maybe your why is because it sounds fun! Awesome. This is a cue to get clear on what you want to experience.

Once you know why/what you want, then you can actually satisfy that craving by being with it. Engage your five senses and really savor the moment.

When choosing to eat a sweet, it becomes easier to check in and ask what you want if you’ve had practice listening to your body and how it responds to certain qualities or quantities of food. You can then ascertain why/when you don’t feel good.

But let me be SUPER clear that just because you may not feel well when eating candy, it does not make it a bad food. You are not a bad person for eating candy and you are not a bad mom for letting your kids eat it either.

Remember, it’s important to allow regular access to treats. Simply because you’re going to encounter it throughout your life! Whether it’s in your house, at a friend’s, at school/work, etc.

Food often plays an integral part in any celebration or holiday tradition, and it’s important to honor ALL of your needs.  Honoring your need for connection is just as important as listening to your hunger/satiety cues.

Eat happy,

PS – Do you love podcasts? Because here’s a great one: fast forward to 11:30 to listen to Kirsten and Rachel talk about how to not feel crazy around candy. And keep your eyes open for future recommendations! Next month we’ll be discussing a podcast (or two) instead of a book for our Body Peace Academy study group!!!

PPS – Want some extra support around sweets? Check out our discounted “Facing Your Fears with Faith” class to learn how/why dismantling food morality leads to more body trust.

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