What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is a phrase you hear tossed around a lot nowadays, usually with a negative connotation. The truth is, we’re so out of touch with our emotions as a society that most people are actually emotionless eaters. They eat to numb out or avoid their emotions, not feel them.

And when that happens, it’s usually because we’re hungry for something. Whether it’s physical hunger due to restriction or emotionally starved for self-validation.

Newsflash: you are NOT a robot!

Your food choices or eating habits will be, and should be, emotional. Because you’re human.

Consciously choosing to eat certain foods because they bring you joy, or deciding to eat something to feel a specific way, is also emotional eating. Try being mindful and present with your emotions while eating. How do you feel?

Be wary of the definitions curated by diet culture and consider this a friendly reminder that no matter what, or how you eat, your feelings are valid.

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