Why should I go to the gym?

To go, or not to go, that is the question.

Do you need some more reasons besides weight loss to go to the gym? I got you covered!

First I have to start out with bringing to your awareness that I believe in lovingly exercising our bodies, and I’m not a fan of working out just to lose weight. Exercise as a weight loss strategy is not very effective and can be damaging to our relationship with our bodies. Our bodies are intelligent and they know when they are being manipulated. This post is going to be more about finding all the other reasons to go to the gym that have nothing to do with changing your body shape and size. If weight loss or weight gain happens, then that is just part of the experience, not the goal.

Here is my list of the top 5 reasons to go to the gym:

Exercise helps you think more clearly and remember things better. When blood is flowing to your brain, it gets the oxygen it needs to be at its best. You might notice that your memory improves and you just seem to have a more clear head when you are exercising.

Exercise helps boost your immune system. Exercise raises the body’s temperature, which can help fight off bacterial infections. Heavy breathing can help clear out the respiratory system, and exercise also wakes up your body’s white blood cells so they are ready to find and fight any “bad guys” that want to invade your body. Exercise also reduces stress, which can help protect against illness.

Exercise boosts your mood and helps fight off depression and anxiety. As I just mentioned, exercise is proven to help reduce stress, which causes chaos in the body. Reducing stress improves mood and can ward off depression and anxiety. Exercise can be a beautiful form of self-care.

Exercise slows down aging effects and makes your skin look healthier. If reducing stress isn’t enough to help reduce signs of aging, exercise also can allow your body to produce extra collagen, which can keep your skin looking healthy and bright! Also, exercise can keep our heart, lungs and other organs running smoothly, and keep our muscles and bones strong, keeping our body running like a “well-oiled machine”.

Exercise helps you be more effective at life. Exercise can improve your posture and balance and help you prevent falls and other injuries. It also correlates with your life experience, so if you improve flexibility/strength/endurance in your body you will also experience more flexibility/strength/endurance in your life. Try it and see!

There are so many more reasons to go to the gym, whether it is a home gym or a local business gym. Take advantage of the amazing perks that come with regular exercise!

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